Deregulation of Energy

Utilize Your Power to Choose Your Own Electricity

Thanks to energy deregulation, residents in many areas of the country have the power to choose where they purchase their electricity. By separating generation and sales from distribution, deregulation has transformed the energy market into yet another competitive stage where companies vie for customers. That competition is to your benefit.

Depending on where you live, you could be able to take advantage of electricity deregulation, natural gas deregulation or both! Having the power to choose the company that supplies your energy rate is a luxury, and one you may want to embrace if you have the ability to do so.

An overview of the history of energy deregulation

Prior to energy deregulation and in areas that have yet to be deregulated, a single utility company had or has an effective monopoly on its territory. These utilities produce energy, sell it and distribute it to residents and businesses. Because these companies do not have to compete, consumers are subject to whatever prices are imposed.

In deregulated markets each of those steps is controlled by a different entity, fostering competition.

  • Energy generation companies control the facilities that produce raw energy.
  • Retail suppliers purchase energy in bulk and repackage it for commercial sales.
  • Utility companies own the energy distribution infrastructure and are in charge of delivering energy to consumers.

Consumers in deregulated areas do not interface directly with generation companies, nor do they have a choice between utility companies, but they do have the power to choose from any number of energy retail suppliers. These suppliers have to compete with one another for customers resulting in a large number of energy products, each with its own perks.

Energy deregulation across the United States

deregulation of energy in the united states

Exercise your power to choose

If you live in a deregulated market, you’re one of the lucky ones. Having the power to choose your energy supplier means you have the freedom to unlock savings unavailable to many people. Here at you can easily search the plans available to you whether you live in a region with electricity deregulation or natural gas deregulation.

If you already have an energy supplier, that’s no problem. People switch suppliers all the time, and making a change is not difficult. All you have to do to begin exploring your options is enter your ZIP code on this page or call an energy expert.

Once you’ve begun, you can easily sort your results by what matters to you. Do you want a plan that emphasizes green energy? Are you looking for a plan that doesn’t require a long-term contract? Maybe you just want the lowest rate you can find. No matter what your requirements are can help you find the right energy solution.