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Thanks to energy deregulation, many residents and business owners have the power to choose between energy plans. ElectricCompanies.com is designed to make the entire process of choosing between energy providers easier than ever. Rather than searching around for a variety of plans, ElectricCompanies.com lets you compare rates and plans from several carriers at once!

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Everyone needs access to energy, and deregulation shouldn’t overly complicate things. ElectricCompanies.com is here to help, putting the power to choose between energy providers back in your hands. Enter your ZIP code to the right and click “Compare Offers” to get started right away.

Not sure what you’re looking for or at? Explore our “Energy Deregulation 101″ section for answers to commonly asked questions about electricity deregulation, natural gas deregulation, rates, contracts and more.

What’s the benefit of shopping?

Energy deregulation is all about giving residents and business owners more control over their energy consumption by granting them the power to choose. ElectricCompanies.com brings all the resources you need to make an informed decision together.

Whether you want to find a new electricity or natural gas provider, ElectricCompanies.com is here to help. Once you enter your ZIP code we will search the market for you, assembling a list of the best offers available to you.

Is green energy a requisite for you? Do you need a brief contract term? Maybe you’re only interested in the lowest price point available to you. With ElectricCompanies.com you are able to sort the plans available in your area by what matters most to you.

Don’t struggle alone through the world of energy deregulation. Take advantage of the resources and retailers available to you at ElectricCompanies.com.

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About Us

ElectricCompanies.com was created with simple goals in mind: to help people understand energy deregulation and make it easy to find the right plan, answering questions along the way. If you need help understanding electricity deregulation or choosing a plan to make use of natural gas deregulation, ElectricCompanies.com is the resource for you.

When you’re ready to get started exercising your power to choose, plug in your ZIP code. Browse the options available to you, and don’t hesitate to call an energy expert if you need help.

Energy Deregulation

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